There is a management of the IT infrastructure that allows you to scale performance without having particular problems and to save money by upgrading the server only if you need it.
DevOps is the new frontier of systems management.

What DevOps is

DevOps is a method that promotes communication between two initially separate phases of the processes that concern the IT infrastructures. It allows you to be the first on the market and it is based on the automation of procedures.

DevOps as a professional

DevOps is the “agile version” of the system administrator, a professional willing to work with a collaborative method in tandem with other computer scientists. A DevOps is a technician who, thanks to small and incremental changes, allows the infrastructure to perform better in terms of data storage and their ease of exchange.
DevOps is an umbrella term indicating systems engineers, system administrators, operations staff, release engineers, DBAs, network engineers, security professionals and other professionals.
The “Dev” prefix is used to indicate all the people involved in the product development process (Product, QA). DevOps has strong affinities with the Agile and Lean approaches.

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