Creact is your digital partner.

    We support entrepreneurs and companies willing to turn ideas into successful products.

    We find the best path in order to achieve the goal together, sharing our knowledge of communication, development and design.

    Experience, passion and method make us the ideal partner for those who want to take the road that gives life to new ideas.

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    What we are good at

    We are digital natives: designers, developers and experts in marketing and communication ready to share our know-how with customers who have an interesting business vision.

    We believe that the exchange of ideas and experiences is the starting point to face the continuous challenges of innovation.

    Our transversal skills allow us to propose tailor-made paths that challenge the continuous changes of the market.

    We deal with promotion, design, application development, e-commerces and websites.

    Digital Strategies

    We analyze market scenarios to create a data-driven strategy and achieve our goals.

    Software Development

    We know how to use technology to develop your idea in the best possible way and make it successful.

    Web & Graphic Design

    From the logo to the website, we design everything you need to make your style unique and stand out from the competitors.

    Conversion Marketing

    We optimize the performance of your digital product to gain the market.

    Our method

    Working with us means to always know what point we have reached in the path of business growth and what are the steps to follow in order to reach the common goal.

    We share with our customers the direct experience we have acquired in the management of companies born from innovative ideas to develop new business models.

    We bring in the consolidated companies that choose to rely on us the know-how that comes from the digital economy, in order to help them remain relevant thanks to the Digital Transformation.

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    In your first meeting with Creact you will let us know your real needs. We will establish with you the main features of the product, the guidelines for its realization and the first deadlines. In this project phase we will try to understand your needs, so that we can suggest the best techniques to be used. This is the phase in which we will ask ourselves important questions, which will be useful in identifying the best strategy for achieving your goals.

    We shape your idea into images

    Visual development means expressing the potential and character of your product or service through images. By submitting visual previews to you such as sketches, mockups and wireframes, we will find together a clear and functional design that reflects both the soul of your idea and the market needs. Your feedback, combined with our creativity, will result in a visual communication in step with the times and extremely recognizable.

    We make your project real

    At each step of the development of your website or app, we will produce useful material to be submitted to you and tested, so as to obtain a digital product that meets your needs and leaves nothing to chance.
    The AGILE method, based on continuous dialogue with the customer, responds to the need for rapid growth and adaptation to trends, allowing the development of applications, websites and e-commerces that are able to meet the needs of companies that pay attention to the details.

    We communicate methodically

    We will define together the channels to be activated in order to communicate effectively with your target audience, and we will set precise goals for each tool, from social media to SEO. The parameters that we will use to validate our interventions will be clearly established and always shared.
    We will constantly recalibrate the strategy, showing you what has been achieved in order to make effective communication campaigns, through the interpretation of monitoring and data analysis tools.

    Creact is the digital assistant that is always by your side

    All our collaborators answer in less than 24h, 7 days a week.

    We offer on the job training and supervision to those who choose our digital assistance service.

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