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Digital Strategies

Analyzing data in order to understand the context in which the company moves is the key that transforms good ideas into real projects.
We can give you the first useful tips for establishing your strategic approach, or you can ask Creact for a constant consultancy partnership.
We will identify the tools that will make your ideas grow in the best possible way, and we will analyze the market scenarios in order to make the most of every competitive advantage. Analysis is the essential starting point of the right path that will lead you to achieve your real goals.

Web & Graphic Design

Design blends creativity and rules in order to give you a unique style on the market: in other words, what you need to communicate what distinguishes you from your competitors. We create everything that concerns your image: we take care of your brand through the study of Brand Identity and we collaborate with developers to create digital objects with designs that facilitate the user experience.

Through UX studies we deal with restyling of digital products, in order for them to have as their main objective a greater level of ease of use and a more pleasant visual impact for end users.


Software Development

We develop customized web applications and experiences every day.

We are able to create complex systems, analyzing all the opportunities offered by technology and languages, and putting them at the service of the required features: our goal is to offer users of your project the best possible digital experience.

We identify the supports that, both on hardware and software side, best meet the needs imposed by the market and that manage to make a difference when facing every challenge. We design scalable systems that manage to cope with the fluidity of IT-related market logics.

Desk tecnico

Conversion Marketing

By putting marketing actions into place, we analyze (according to the logic of each channel) the performance of the promotional elements activated to support the digital strategy, from development to social media, from design to copywriting. We optimize the channel-by-channel strategy in order to find the way to achieve your conversion goal.

Analizzare dati