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Do you want to create an Android application? Creact develops Android applications for smartphones, intended for users with mobile phones such as Samsung, LG and Huawei.

If you wish to learn more about Android applications, read our insights to find out which Android applications we can develop for you.

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Why you should develop an app

88% of users who use smartphones have Android as their operating system.

During the first years, sales had rewarded Apple and its App Store but, little by little, Google’s Android system has decidedly recovered, until it reached this result in 2018.

If you intend to launch an app intended to reach the maximum possible number of users, you can therefore not develop only for iPhone. It is important, and in some cases necessary, to develop an Android application intended for the Google marketplace, i.e. Google Play.

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Developing Android apps: benefits in 2019

Developing an Android app means, in 2019, to take the opportunity to always be in the pocket of a potential customer.

The user sees the brand as a travel companion to whom he can turn whenever he feels the need. Your service or product becomes part of your potential customer’s daily life and lifestyle.

Types of Android apps you can develop

The Creact development team will take care of all the phases that will conclude with the launch of the app on the Google Play Store. We will develop your business idea, we will design the graphical interface, we will develop your Android application and we will take care of the launch of the app on Google Play.

Strategy and innovation require precision in the approach and accuracy in the decision-making processes that govern a company’s workflow. By taking care of the solutions we offer to each individual customer we offer a unique digital approach.

We work with passion, putting the needs of the companies that need our services in all their complexity first.

To learn more about the cost and receive a quote for the development of an app, it is necessary to explain all the features that you want to achieve. If there is a need to fill in an NDA, do not hesitate to contact us by phone.

To request a quote for an Android app, fill out the quote form by carefully entering all the required data.

Magazine app
Allow users to browse your magazine or catalogue from their smartphone.
App local
Let yourself be found with a geolocated app. Provide information at the right place and at the right time, at the fair or at the point of sale. These apps are ideal for promoting local events.
Management App
Do not give up monitoring your company and choose a management app that allows you to act with a tap.
AR App
The new frontier of augmented reality is a great business opportunity. Create an Augmented Reality App that uses augmented reality to add new information to real objects.

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