Business Analysis

Do you have a website or are you present on social networks? Having an online presence is the first step to take, but it is no longer enough.

Request a business analysis to be more prepared to face the challenges of the market, to get valuable information on your competitors and to know all the digital tools you have available.


What a Business Analysis is

Business analysis puts your business idea into focus, placing it in a precise scenario and giving it a correct connotation based on data found in archives and sources on the Web.

The analysis is collaborative, it involves brainstorming meetings and other forms of direct participation by the entrepreneur.

The result of the business analysis is a document that will form the basis for the strategic system that will be applied next. The analysis affects the choice of media that will be used for the spreading of communications, as well as their use, based on the product discovery and loyalty processes linked to the target audiences.

Business Report

The Business Analysis document

The Business Analysis document accurately describes the intent and defines the customer’s brand identity, identifying its strengths and the challenges he has to face through a SWOT Analysis.

Through the Business Analysis document, the researches and the collected data are summarized and returned in the form of a document or a presentation. The data presented in this analysis concern the study of the competitors, the observations on the reference target audiences, insights on topics previously indicated by the entrepreneur and the first basic indications for the communication strategy.

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