Cyber Security

We live in a highly digitised context, and the massive and intensive use of technology and of all the services related to it represents a decidedly boundless and palatable catchment area for cybercriminals, who are looking for opportunities to perform malicious actions. Cyber Security becomes therefore fundamental for all companies involved in the digitisation process.

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What is Cyber Security?

As highlighted by the data provided by Clusit, the Italian Association for IT Security, cyber attacks are increasing and the affected fields are the most disparate: government agencies, finance, health, small and medium enterprises, multinationals, cloud services.

According to the Clusit report, losses due to cyber attacks are ten times higher than current cyber security investments. These losses have reached a billion euros in Italy alone, while globally losses related to cyber attacks amount to 500 billion dollars.

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What the Cyber Security processes are about

In order to secure a digital project, it is necessary to make an assessment of the technological context so as to analyze and evaluate the IT policies and security procedures that concern it. Here are the necessary steps to take:

  • Definition of requirements and security measures in the context of new projects and outsourcing
  • Risk assessment and definition of the security measures that are necessary to mitigate the risks
  • Support for compliance with the main regulations (be it general or sector-specific) that have an impact on the information system (e.g. GDPR, Circular n. 285 of the Bank of Italy, PSD/2, NIS, IVASS)
  • Support in the definition of the strategy, in the governance of the security of the information system and in the staff training
  • Support for risk assessment and management in the IoT area.

Cyber Security services

We operate in compliance with the guidelines and standards of the sector’s institutions and international organizations (IEEE, ANSI, Sei CERT, E-Council, Offensive-Security).
The services that we offer are aimed primarily at partner companies, new start-ups and small, medium and large enterprises. Training institutions, public administration institutions and private individuals are not excluded from this market segment, but they will be considered according to the circumstances after a careful feasibility study.

Risk Analysis
Structural, perimeter and hardware/software prevention activities.
Security Training
Cyber-awareness training through lectures in order to learn how to prevent social engineering attacks and minimize risk.
Penetration Test
Multi-stage operational process for assessing the security level of a specific information and IT system, and for finding vulnerabilities.
Vulnerability assessment
Operational process aimed at assessing structural, perimeter and hardware/software vulnerabilities.

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