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Why you should start an Email Marketing campaign

There are different reasons for relying on e-mail as a means of communication. The sending of communications via e-mail has been used since the beginning of the Web: it can be used to retain acquired customers, look for new potential customers or it can represent an additional element in a marketing strategy based on an omnichannel approach.

The metrics used for monitoring an e-mail campaign are those relating to the open rate (on average from 8 to 10% of the e-mails that have been sent) and to the click rate on the elements present in the e-mail, which is very useful for attempting messages differentiated from 0.6% to 0.8%. It is equally important to observe the changes in the conversion rate in relation to the goal that we have set for our campaign, which is generally achieved by 3 to 5% of the e-mails sent.

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Email marketing for customer loyalty

An email marketing campaign can be used to retain the attention of an already acquired audience, both with information content and by sending discount codes to stimulate a purchase. For example, it can be a very powerful tool in order to obtain the recovery of an abandoned cart.

Email marketing for customer acquisition

In order to activate any email marketing campaign, we need a system able to send mail in a massive way, an attractive contact point, and a well-structured promotional message.

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Get contacts for email marketing

Contacts to be used for email marketing campaigns can be obtained by purchasing already profiled databases or by creating your own contact acquisition system. The first solution is the eastiest one, but it is less effective from the point of view of the campaign purpose. The contacts that come from a personalized funnel, in fact, are already in target in relation to our business goal, and they will therefore respond more easily to our promotional communication.

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