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Do you need an application for iPhone or iPad? Asking for a quote for the development of an iOS application, i.e. intended for users who have an iPhone or an iPad, is very simple.

If you wish to learn more about the world of iOS applications, keep on reading this article. You will find out everything you need to know before requesting support for the development of iPhone and iPad applications.

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What an app is

A mobile application, or app, is a software application dedicated to mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. It expands the native capabilities included within the operating system and customizes it. You can find apps on the market, a virtual store. As far as iOS applications are concerned, the reference shop is the App Store. Once installed, the iPhone or iPad application can be used on your mobile device.

Smartphones and tablets: what they are

The success of these devices is due precisely to the possibility of being able to install additional features thanks to the apps.

Smartphone, or multimedia mobile phone

A smartphone is a mobile phone based on an operating system that is designed specifically for mobile devices: thanks to the creation of ever more advanced processors and more and more spacious memories, today it has functions that are increasingly similar to those of fixed devices.

From the first smartphones that combined the functions of a palmtop computer and a mobile phone, today we have mobile phones with high-resolution touchscreens, front and rear cameras, GPS chips and wifi.


6-inch or more tablets, like iPad, offer the same functionality as a smartphone with larger display sizes.

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Why you should develop an app

The development of a mobile application (iPhone/iPad) can increase the catchment area of ​​your company, or unfold markets opportunities that were unexplored so far! A website is important for proposing new products, informing consumers and getting in touch with a new audience. The creation of an iOS application (iPhone/iPad), however, can have an equally important function for your company. In fact, by developing an app that every user will have at hand on his smartphone, you can strengthen the brand experience and improve engagement.

Mobile Apps from 2015 to 2019

Compared to the previous year, the world population has gone from 7 to 7.2 billion people and the number of active internet users has exceeded 3 billion. There are some impressive data relating to mobile, which recorded an increase of 23% (313 million people more than the previous year).

Analyzing the Italian data, we discover that 60% of the population regularly accesses the Internet, and that today the active accounts on social channels are 28 million. The number of mobile accesses is the data that has seen the greatest increase in the last 12 months (+11%), showing an ever-increasing propensity to mobile interaction.

The value of iPhone apps in 2019

IPhones nowadays are no longer considered an object of design only, but a real everyday object. In this landscape, where we see smartphone payments appear closer on the horizon, being present for customers on this mobile device becomes almost necessary, in order to achieve a modern presence for your brand.

What type of iOS apps you should develop

Creact develops native applications according to high developing standards, actively involving the customer in the development activity. In this way we can understand his needs in detail and immerse ourselves without difficulty in the business dynamics that you need to know when you develop an application for iPhone and iPad.
The application that we create interfaces directly with a back-office in order to allow you to perform updates, changes and send notifications in an independent way, thus making the app always updated and full of content!

However, limiting the development of an app to just the iOS platform could prevent you from being noticed by a wide range of users! It is important, and in some cases necessary, to develop an Android application designed for Google Play.

Catalogue apps
Applications intended for the digital publication of catalogues, books, magazines, presentations that can be browsed directly from the app.
Geolocated apps
Promote events, companies and attractions thanks to a geolocated app. In this way, you will be able to keep all useful information at hand: exhibitor lists, navigable maps, scheduled meetings agenda, biography of the rapporteurs.
Management apps
Managing your business with an app is the ideal solution. You will be able to monitor your company directly from mobile and to perform operations wherever you are, by simply using your smartphone!
Augmented reality app
We talk about augmented reality applications when virtual elements are added to the real image taken by the camera. In this way, the real world is enriched with new information.

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