Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a marketing method that takes advantage of automation technologies in order to allow us to be more responsive to the user and to be present at the right time of the customer journey. Automation systems require a significant investment, but they allow to save money in a long-term perspective and they significantly improve the response of the brand to the customer.

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Advantages of automation systems

Using an automation system automates repetitive activities related to the promotion of your website. This is useful not only to save time, but also to measure results more effectively, manage multi-process projects with fewer resources and make the predictions about future results more likely.

The activities to be automated can be manifold, from sending DEMs to internal company processes. In order to be effective, the process of reengineering processes through marketing automation requires a study of the customer’s particular needs in order to choose the technologies, be it already available or to be implemented, which bring him a concrete advantage from the automation investment.

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