Marketing Management

Do you have a website or are you present on social networks? Having an online presence is the first step to take, but it is no longer enough.

Creact offers a strategic path tailored to the needs of each company, in which cooperation and competence intertwine to make a difference. Keep on reading to find out how you can enter into a strategic partnership with Creact and contact us directly to get a quote.


Marketing Management

Marketing Management is the coordinated and strategic management of the company’s marketing and online marketing tools and of all the resources related to it. It can be entrusted to a figure that is internal to the company, or it can be outsourced to an agency such as Creact. Normally, for start-up companies, there is a tendency to outsource the service to focus more on product development without losing sight of its promotion.

Scrivania Design

Management of information flows and human resources

The documentation to be produced that is necessary for Marketing Management is related to the need of having an overall view of the company’s promotional action and to equip it with an organization that allows timely interventions focused on individual goals. For this reason, graphic representations of information flows are drawn up and great attention is paid to equipping each individual player with the right tools that will allow him to manage his daily tasks in the simplest possible way. The support of a well-knit team is the biggest communication tool we have. In fact, people learn more easily to manage the tools than to cooperate with each other avoiding the watertight compartments, which is of fundamental importance for making a communication strategy work.

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