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What SEO means

70% of visitors to a website come from search engines, so it is essential to be present on the results page. In order to reach this goal, your platform needs to be optimized according to search engine criteria. The search engines themselves provide technical guides which indicate the parameters to comply with. By following these guidelines and implementing other techniques based on the search engine response tests, the SEO professionals aim at getting better visibility on the results page by trying to provide the search engine with the best possible answer compared to the user’s request.

The optimization of permalinks and images, as well as interventions on the semantic structure such as writing meta tags, are some of the SEO techniques.

An SEO (i.e. Search Engine Optimization) plan provides for the analysis of the main keywords sought by users in reference to the field to which the client company belongs. Through in-depth research, we will interpret the behaviour of your potential user base and we will create web marketing content and dynamics aimed at achieving the goal of increasing visibility on search engines.

We will support you in the creation of interesting content that include plan aimed at user acquisition from organic search.

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What SEM means

The term Search Engine Marketing initially referred to all the promotions made on search engines, but it now fully replaces the term “Search Engine Advertising”, therefore referring only to paid promotions. The Search Engine Advertising systems, in fact, provide for the presence on the search engine through pay per click campaigns and according to the rules of the proprietary system. The best known tool for SEM is Google Ads. Google Ads allows you to carry out campaigns that are displayed on Google and on its partner network. As far as the promotion of iPhone applications is concerned, Apple provides Search Ads to make your app more visible on the App Store.

Why you should choose a combined strategy

Bringing organic traffic has great value, but it requires complex operations that must be constantly monitored and have no immediate effects. For this reason, combining SEM campaigns with SEO campaigns is a good way to be present on the same channel while the user acquisition from organic search begins to operat at full capacity.

Similarly, SEM campaigns are affected by the optimization level of the landing page, which must correspond to criteria that are very similar to those of SEO optimization.

For these reasons, it would be wise to envisage a strategy that includes both paid campaigns and acquisition from organic search.

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