Social Media Marketing

Generate engagement through social networks, establish an interaction and a high degree of trust with your users through social media. We will develop one-to-one relationships that will bring users closer to your brand.

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Social Media Marketing services

By developing a multi-channel approach, you will be able to be present in the right places for your brand and unleash word of mouth, increasing the level of awareness and offering assistance that will fulfill your fans’ requests in real time.

If “markets are conversations”, to quote Seth Godin, this means that it is necessary to pay close attention to the operations that take place and therefore to listen to the users who are talking about your Brand. By listening to them it is possible to derive useful insights to be implemented in your strategy and make sure that it is a winning one!

Social Media Management
Management of online pages through content control and comment moderation.
Social media content curation
Creation and design of social content through an editorial plan.
Social media customer care
Management of customer questions via the social media.
Social Media Advertising
Strategic management of paid promotions launched through social media.
Social Media Event Management
Strategic management of the communication before, after and during an event.
Social Media Seeding
Enrollment in sector-specific Facebook groups and interaction management.

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