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Web interface design

Those who deal with interface design have the task of managing what the user of a website or an app sees, and of making it usable for all the navigator’s needs.
The UI designer designs an interface in order to allow the user a satisfying experience, and he works together with the UX designer to define the relationship that the user will have with the final product.
The typography, for example, is an essential element in the construction of the appearance of a digital product, and it is also used as a graphic element: the character in its choice, size, colour, contributes in an essential way to give shape to the contents.
Those who design a website must be aware that the format, colour, contrast and readability of a text will be different, based on what device the user will employ to log in and on the tools that will convey the content message.

Cross-browser incompatibilities can make UI work difficult, which is why standards have been set in some design environments such as Material Design. Material Design is the Android interface that Google applies to its devices, with the aim of providing a common basis for developing optimal websites in all their graphic elements. Responsive design interactions follow precise rules, their animations have to follow mandatory directions in order to trigger expected and foreseeable reactions. If these rules are not respected, there will be a usability deficit that can push the user to leave the page.


Website design

Designing a website is a very complex job that is done in collaboration with the technical department and with those who deal with information architecture. Our designers are able to coordinate with the technicians, with the aim of not giving up a pleasant and in step with the times appearance even when it comes to projects of websites with high technical complexity. The task of the designers is to comply with the user-oriented aspect of the project and to work with other professionals in order to look for the meeting point between functionality and product communication.

App Design

Designing the appearance of an app requires specific expertise on how users navigate on mobile and on the use they make of their devices at different times of the day. The appearance of an application must also conform to the design standards imposed by the owners of the operating systems. For these reasons, the app designer must be trained and informed in order to better understand the uses that users make of their smartphone and the habits of this type of consumer. Dealing with app design means not giving up the originality and the brand communication, while at the same time adapting to the characteristics imposed by the coding technique.

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