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Do you need a website? Asking for a quote for the development of an e-commerce or a website for your company is very simple.

If you want to learn more about the differences between the various types of website and ask for a quote in order to develop the website you need in a more conscious way, keep on reading this article. You will discover everything you need to know about websites. Contact us directly to get a quote for your e-commerce or website.

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What is meant by website

A website is a hypertext that is located on a terminal connected to the web, and it can be called up via a virtual address called a domain. By the term “e-commerce” we mean a website with a specific function: the purchase of goods and services online. Developing an e-commerce requires much more resources and time than creating a website where only content and a contact point are offered. The same is true for websites with complex functions.

Web development in Creact

We deal with all-round web development. We develop customized web applications by using PHP, Node.js, C#, HTML5, Java, GraphQL, .Net database Based.

In addition to developing websites in WordPress, we use the most popular CMS to develop e-commerce and complex sites. These CMS include Magento, WordPress + Woocommerce, CodeIgniter/Laravel/YII Framework e ZendFramework.

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Processo Sviluppo Agile

Developing with the Agile method

In order to develop websites, we use the Agile method and other models such as the “test-driven development”. This is a software development model based upon automatic tests to be performed before software tests, and upon the fact that the development of the application software is oriented exclusively to the objective of passing the previously prepared automatic tests.

e-Commerce development

Online stores, or e-commerce, are now a place of sale where it is absolutely necessary to be present.

Already in 2013, “Il Sole 24 Ore” (the most important business newspaper in Italy) commented on the growth in total turnover of online purchases, estimating it at over 11.2 billion euros. It also indicated Europe as the first world market for e-commerce.

In 2018, the B2C e-commerce market in Italy generated a turnover of 41.5 billion euros, growing overall by 18% compared to 2017.

The ever changing market scenario of online sales requires websites with increasingly advanced e-commerce features. Online shopping experiences have to be more and more customized and tailor-made for the user.

For all these reasons, when developing your e-commerce website, Creact uses CMS solutions such as Magento Commerce, which is the most widespread solution for online sales, as well as the most appreciated by companies. However, we can also build ad hoc solutions completely studied on your needs.


Why you should choose Creact as a partner for your website

Our team provides solutions that are suitable for any development environment by using the most modern and performing programming languages.

Thanks to the experience we gained over the years and to consolidated working methods, we are able to understand the design needs while minimizing the customer’s struggles.

We can integrate applications: a set of techniques that is useful for connecting multiple types of software. By using this methodology it is possible to integrate different features, minimizing the need to operate on an implementation level on each one of them.

According to the project’s requirements, we use SQL (MySQL, Postgres) or NoSQL (Mongodb, Redis) storage, combining them when necessary in order to obtain maximum performance.

The developed services reside on cloud hosting and implement encryption protocols such as HTTPS and SSL.


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