The client and his goal:

Movery is a tourism start-up that aims to create a virtual space where tourism supply and demand meet.

To achieve this goal, Movery needed a comprehensive and easily manageable platform. Initially, we opted for an approach with a proprietary platform based on Angular.

However, during a redesign, we decided to change course and use WordPress to have greater compatibility with third-party services and make it easier and more standardized for operators to work.

The website was supposed to be both a travel assistant for tourists and a showcase for area businesses.

We at Creact helped Movery provide a different experience for travelers, helping to rediscover cultural sites through alternative readings of the area.

Custom website development

The Movery project required the creation of several digital objects, including a public presentation with descriptions and photos of places and services, a database to manage entities with industry-specific attributes, such as the attributes of a tour, which are quite different from those of a museum or an activity such as hiking, and a BackOffice to connect them.

For the first version of the site, after preliminary work on the information architecture, we found it appropriate to develop the proprietary Frontend system with Angular with Server Side Rendering in C# language on NetCore with DB interface with GraphQL. This allowed us to create a customized website that would adapt quickly to changes in the market and be both a travel assistant for tourists and a showcase for activities in the area.

For the second version of the site, however, we opted to use WordPress as the base platform, given its being a standard in the web (more than 30% of websites use it), given the client's requests for greater compatibility with third-party tools. The interface was totally customized, features requested by the client were added in the form of proprietary plugins, and performance was optimized using a litespeed server.

The development and production environment are synchronized constantly. The site, first supported on AWS and with database hosted on Google Cloud, is now hosted entirely on OVH Cloud servers.

Year of release: 2019
Year of remakes and restyling: 2022
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Marketing Strategy and Brand Identity

For Movery's identity, we worked on several aspects, from branding to social media communication.

The brand consists of a logotype and a pictogram that meets different visual reading needs. The pin recalls the technology of geolocation, while the shape in its entirety recalls a hot air balloon in the ascending phase, a symbol of the journey of exploration. The geometric optical illusion brings back to view a horizon over the sea, a clear reference to travel as a useful dimension to expand one's knowledge and "open horizons."

In addition, by analyzing the profiles of the B2B and B2C targets of the tourism portal, we identified the right tone of voice for each of the company's internal and external communications. Thanks to this work, Movery has acquired a communicative edge that immediately distinguishes it from its competitors, an element of fundamental importance in a highly competitive industry such as tourism.

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Project Management

We analyzed the company's communication flows, providing the necessary documentation for managing communications, including commercial communications. With our support, the team was able to intervene promptly at times of crisis and remain focused on the primary objectives: user acquisition in the network and reaching the end user.

In addition, we offered support to team members, particularly the editorial staff, by providing them with training and useful tools to handle daily tasks as easily as possible. The training ranged from content writing to social management.

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