Our customer and his goal: Alessandro Cadoni wanted to offer a technological platform designed to manage online business that involve and enhance people.
Atlantix replicates the social structure of a digital city in which users collaborate according to the different roles they play.

Within Atlantix you can accumulate virtual credits spendable in stores within the community.

Credits can be obtained through the sale of goods and services within the community, or through collaborations with other users.

Credits can be purchased with a credit card and can be exchanged with other users.

Users can create teams of people who collaborate in exchange for credits, supporting other users or running business on behalf of others.

Release year: End 2020

Community Development

Users can manage pages of artists, influencers and content creators in the community and get credits based on the members on their page.
You can become a Staff Member and get credits by collaborating with the platform and supporting community management operations. Atlantix is based on a model of meritocratic redistribution of advertising revenues to the community in the form of credits, aimed at rewarding useful activities for the growth of the community.

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