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Our client and his goal: Authentico wanted to provide a tool aimed at supporting real made-in-Italy food even abroad and that it was always possible to have at hand. Authentico is a free app that helps you find original Italian food anywhere in the world. Thanks to Authentico you can find out everything you need to know about Italian agri-food products: the production areas, the designations of origin, the producers and their stories. You will be able to see videos of how it is prepared, where to buy it and how to cook it according to authentic traditional Italian recipes. As far as quality products are concerned, you will be able to learn about the traceability of the supply chain, from the field to the packaging.

Release year: Late 2017, early 2018

App Authentico
App Authentico
Screenshot app Authentico

Developing the Authentico iOS and Android application

The Authentico application for iOS and Android allows you to verify that the food you are buying is truly Italian by simply scanning the bar code on the package or by typing its name on the search bar. This anti-imitations app identifies the fake product and recognizes the real made-in-Italy one.

When you are abroad and you want to eat real Italian food, you can search Authentico for some truly Italian restaurants and pizzerias, or find the closest shops that sell Made-in-Italy products.

By simply scanning the barcode on the package, you can find out if the product you are about to buy is made in Italy or not. If you find a product that pretends to be Italian but it is not, you can report it with a tap.

Read what they say about the app on thefoodmakers.

Authentico app

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