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Our client and his goal: Buzzoole is a technological platform based on Artificial Intelligence that allows you to manage, automate and measure the performances of your Influencer Marketing campaigns. The client wanted to make users more autonomous on the control of their campaigns by allowing them to manage such campaigns via the app.

Release year: 2018/2019

Buzzoole schermata app
Buzzoole schermata app
Buzzoole schermata app

Developing the Buzzoole iOS and Android application

The Buzzoole application for iOS is also designed for Android and allows you to manage in total autonomy all the participation activities in the campaigns to which you are invited, as well as to track social media activities related to the campaign and check the credits that come from the participation in the campaigns.

Buzzoole has an internal design team with which our developers have cooperated. The collaboration has enriched both teams and the result is an excellent digital product.

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Buzzoole app

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