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Hyperfocus is a Mac app developed by Creact

We have chosen to acquire Hyperfocus because the main function of this software designed for Mac seemed to be of considerable interest to users.
Hyperfocus allows you to concentrate on the most important thing you have to do by pausing all unnecessary applications within a set time limit.

Acquisition year: 2020

Optimizing an iOS app

In order to optimize Hyperfocus, we made several in-app interventions, as well as interventions on the media that are related to its promotion.
We improved the UI/UX Design of the app: starting from an analysis of the available data, we evaluated a different flow for the purchase, giving the user 15 days of free trial.
We have chosen to localize the MacOS application in Italian through a contextual translation of the texts, and we optimized the dedicated tab on the App Store through ASO techniques.
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