Our customer and his goal: Movery wanted to create a virtual space where tourist demand and supply meet. To be a travel assistant for the tourist and a showcase for the activities of the territory Movery needed a proprietary platform: a customized website, which would quickly adapt to the route changes of the market.

We have helped the tourist start-up to offer a different experience to travelers and contributed to the rediscovery of the culture places, offering alternative readings of the territory.

Customized website development

The Movery project required several digital objects: the presentation to the public, with descriptions and photos of places and services, a DB that would allow to manage entities with specific sector features (tour attributes are very different from those of a museum or an activity such as trekking) and a Backoffice that put them in communication.

To meet the needs, after a preliminary work on the information architecture, we have considered appropriate to develop the proprietary Frontend system with Angular with Server Side Rendering in C# language on Netcore with DB interface with GraphQL.

The development and production environment has the function of autodeploy with load balancer. It’s realized on AWS and Googlecloud (Kubernetes).

AWS hosts basic services while the database is hosted on Google Cloud.

Release year: 2019

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Marketing Strategy and Brand Identity

We have worked on Movery’s identity, from branding to social media communication.

The brand consists of a logo and a pictogram that meets different visual reading needs. The pin recalls the geolocation technology while the form in its entirety recalls a balloon in the ascending phase, symbol of the journey of exploration.

The geometric optical illusion brings to view a horizon on the sea, clear reference to travel as a dimension useful to expand their knowledge and “open the horizons”.

Analyzing the profiles of the B2B and B2C target of the tourist portal, we have identified for every communication inside and outside the company, the right tone of voice.

Movery has thus acquired a communicative approach that immediately distinguishes it from its competitors, an element of fundamental importance in a highly competitive sector such as tourism.

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Project Management

We have analyzed the company’s communication flows providing the documentation necessary for the management of communications, including commercial communications. Our support has allowed the team to step in promptly in times of crisis and stay focused on the primary objectives: the acquisition of users in the network and the achievement of the end user.

We have supported the team members, in particular the editorial staff, offering them training and tools to manage daily tasks in the simplest way possible. The training ranged from content editing to social media management.

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