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Our client and his goal: signing autographs with Stargraph during events is now becoming a habit. The company therefore sought a technical partner in order to offer new features to its users.

Release year: 2018

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What we did for the Stargraph iOS and Android application

Creact took care of fully revising the Stargraph iOS and Android application before starting to implement the new features. This operation allows to identify in advance the pre-existing bugs in order to avoid “complicating” the state of the system when the new features overlap. This is a necessary preliminary stage to make the client save time and money.

We have supported Stargraph in the implementation of Blockchain NFT (not fungible token) that certify the possession of a digital content and can acquire a high economic value, ensuring high-tech services to Serie A teams, MOTOGP and Formula 1 teams.

With Stargraph the fans of the Dutch national team can request the personal autograph of their favorite player, receiving it directly in the mailbox.

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Stargraph app

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