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Do you need to revise or create your brand identity? Request a quote for the visual development of your company and the creation of thecoordinate image is very simple.

Continue with the in-depth reading to find out why dress definitely makes the cut in this case and how the perception of your customers is closely linked to the image or brand identity.

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What is Brand Identity

La Brand Identity is the system of visual elements that communicate a product or brand. Brands have a name, personality, character and reputation that must be cared for and updated by conducting periodic studies of the target audience. This system is, concretely, composed of a set of graphic elements, the appearance of which affects the perception and reputation of your company. The visual products that make up the communication system, together constitute the coordinated image of a brand and aim to communicate effectively, getting in touch with the emotions of the public.


Coordinated image study

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The study of corporate identity is the development of an identity system for a company or brand.

Identity has the power and task of evoking both tangible and intangible elements of the brand. Taking care of corporate identity enables brands to stand out from competitors and influence the buying behaviors of the target audience.

  • Naming: Development and creation of company, brand or product name.
  • Type Design: Conception and design of a custom typeface.
  • Logo design: Brand conception and design.
  • Corporate Identity: Development of a brand, product or service identity system.

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