Business Analysis

Request a'business analysis to be better prepared to face the market, have valuable information about your competitors and know all the digital tools you have at your disposal.


What is a Business Analysis

Business analysis frames the business idea, placing it in a precise scenario and giving it a correct connotation based on data found in archives and online sources.

The analysis is collaborative, involving brainstorming meetings and other forms of direct participation by the entrepreneur.

The result of the analysis is a document that will form the basis for the strategic framework. The analysis conditions the choice of media that will be used to disseminate communications and their very use, based on the product discovery and loyalty processes related to the targets.

Business Report

The Business Analysis document

The Business Analysis document accurately describes the intent and defines the client's brand identity, identifying its strengths and challenges it faces through SWOT Analysis.

Through the Business Analysis document, the research and data collected are summarized and returned in the form of a document or presentation. The data presented in the analysis concern the study of competitors, observations on target audiences, insights on issues reported by the entrepreneur, and initial basic directions for the communication strategy.

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