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You have a website or are you on social? Having an online presidium is the first step to take but it is no longer sufficient.

Creact offers a strategic path modulated according to the needs of each business, where cooperation and expertise are intertwined to make a difference. Continue reading to find out how you can enter a strategic partnership with Creact and contact us directly to get a quote.

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Online Marketing

L'online marketing is the set of techniques used to promote products and services via the Internet. These tools change their appearance and mode of use and modify performance optimization techniques at a rapid pace, so professionals are needed to keep up with the changes and suggest their best use.

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How to choose the marketing mix

Each brand must research its "recipe" of channels to adequately convey its promotional message to its audience. The choice of media is made by producing market surveys or business analysis or by choosing an omnichannel approach and then maximizing the investment on the best performing channels.

Creact believes in applying marketing techniques with a view to conversion, preceded and coauthored with a brand awareness phase.

Strategy documents and reporting

The documents that are produced to support the online marketing strategy are closely linked to the channel and report considerations related to Web Analytics. Web analytics is the interpretation of data provided by different channels that is useful in establishing strategic project direction and maximizing the performance of each individual channel.

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