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Want to create your own app? Creact can help you develop your smartphone app and guide you toward the best choices to make it successful.

To learn more about apps in general, scroll further down to read some preliminary information now that will be helpful in understanding how to make your own app. Otherwise, you can opt for one of our in-depth reviews devoted to iOS, Android or hybrid apps.

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How much does it cost to create an app?

The first question that comes up is always the same: "How much does it cost to get an app developed?" The answer, however, can only be one: it depends. Indeed, it is inevitable that the price is affected by a large number of variables.

The first variable to take into account, the one from which all the others will descend, concerns the type of app you have in mind to build: it can be an e-commerce app, a geolocalized app for promoting events, an app that makes use of augmented reality-related technologies... as it is easy to understand, such diverse apps can only require equally varied functionality, design, and technical knowledge.

Regardless of the type of app you choose to make, it will always require the coordinated work of an entire multidisciplinary team that will take care of every aspect of your app, from information architecture to design to a complete and competitive final product.

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Is it better to choose an iOS app, an Android app, or a hybrid app?

Another aspect to consider concerns the purpose of your app. That is, you need to understand whether you want to make an app designed for iOS, for Android Or for both slices of the market.

Choosing iOS or Android makes no difference in either cost or development timelines. It will in any case be a native app, that is, made following the guidelines of a specific operating system; this will ensure the best possible performance of your app.

In some specific cases you might opt for making a hybrid app, which with its cross-platform compatibility could save you time. However, this option is risky in most cases: for example, since a hybrid app must necessarily make use of plugins in order to provide the user with the built-in functions, a complex app will always be subject to the risk that these plugins will become obsolete and that the initial savings will turn into a competitive disadvantage later on.

It is clear from these considerations that the technical superiority of native apps makes them preferable to hybrid apps. A native app will provide you with significantly superior performance capable of not losing value over time, leading you to provide your users with superior service.

Manage payments via app

One function you may want to introduce at the time you decide to make an app is that concerning the management of payments, the so-called digital payments.

The recent entry into force of PSD2, the new European directive on digital payments, has in fact given further impetus to what has long been an increasingly popular trend on the web, that concerning precisely the digital payments market. The Open Banking promoted by PSD2 tends to put the user at the center, giving them more and more choice and freedom in managing their transactions. New payment methods are thus being created, for example through e-wallets (e-wallets such as PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay) or the use of cryptocurrencies.

If you plan to produce an app, you may be interested in playing it forward by also implementing a specific function for handling payments directly in-app.


Developing a chatbot

Use a chatbot to interpret and process customer inquiries, providing immediate and relevant responses by entertaining the user on the site or app. It will help you improve customer service, reduce wait times, avoid searching for answers in the FAQ, and simplify the purchase process by sending targeted information.

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Augmented Reality Applications

Engaging the customer is a very important aspect of the Customer Experience. To provide a more engaging experience for your users, you can add Augmented Reality to your app, A Visual Content Marketing tool that leverages virtual elements superimposed on the real-world view.
It is successfully used in so many areas: from gaming, to film, to industry. It allows, for example, industries faster and more effective training and maintenance, or in architecture it allows architectural models to be visualized more accurately.
It is also used in museums within educational tours.

Engage your users by adding Augmented Reality to your app
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