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You want to create aandroid application? At Creact we develop Android applications for smartphones, targeting users with cell phones such as Samsung, Lg and Huawei.

To learn more about Android apps read the insights or find out now which Android apps we can develop for you.

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Why develop an Android app

88% of smartphone users have Android as their operating system.

During the first few years, sales had proved Apple and its App Store right, but, little by little, Google's Android has been catching up sharply, culminating in this result in 2018.

Therefore, those who intend to launch an app to reach as many users as possible cannot limit themselves to developing only for the iPhone. It is important, and in some cases essential, to develop an Android app intended for Google's marketplace i.e. Google Play.

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Develop android app: benefits 2019

Having an Android app means, in 2019, seizing the opportunity to always be in a potential customer's pocket.

Users see the brand as a companion they can turn to whenever they feel the need. Your service or product, becomes part of your potential customer's daily life and lifestyle.

Types of Android apps you can develop

The Creact development team will take care of all the phases that will end with the launch of the app on the store of Google. We will develop your business idea, design the GUI, program the .android application and we will be in charge of publishing the app on Google Play.

Strategy and innovation require precision in approach and accuracy in the decision-making processes that govern a company's workflow. Through the care of the solutions we propose to each individual client, we offer a Unique digital approach.

We approach the work with passion, putting the needs of companies that require our services in all their complexity first.

To find out the cost and receive a quotefor app development is Need to illustrate all the features you want to implement. Should there be a need to complete an NDA, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone.

To request a quote for an android app, fill out the quote form by accurately entering all the required data.

Magazine App
Allow users to browse your magazine or catalog from their smartphone.
Local app
Be found with a geolocated app. Provide information in the right place and at the right time, at the trade show or point of sale. These apps are ideal for promoting events in the local area.
Management App
Don't give up monitoring your business and choose a management app that allows you to take action with a tap.
AR App
The new frontier of augmented reality is a big business opportunity. Make an Augmented Reality App that uses augmented reality to add new information to real objects.

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App Development, Android App, iOS App, Ai Development


App Development, Android App, iOS App


App Development, Android App, iOS App


App Development, Android App, iOS App


App Development, Android App, iOS App

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App development, Android App, iOS App


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App development, Android App, iOS App

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