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Do you want to improve theusability Of your site or application? At Creact we deal with techniques and analysis for studying user experience.

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What is meant by UX Design

User experience design, better known by the acronyms UX, UXD or UED, is the study for the design of user experience. Analyses conducted by UX Designers aim to establish guidelines for improving the usability of any object, whether digital or not, so that it adapts and makes it more pleasant and functional for interaction by the intended user.

A UX Design study may be required at different stages of design and is of paramount importance to those who want to design by putting the user at the center of their product or service.

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Why do ux tests?

Often, an intervention made on the basis of this type of analysis has the effect of increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Indeed, changes to websites or applications that are made in light of a UX Design analysis bring users closer to the digital object by removing navigational difficulties, clarifying functionality, and bringing to light the real needs of the users of the service being tested.

UX Design Testing

UX Design techniques are varied and involve different methods of UX investigation or testing .

One technique is preferred over the other based on the nature of the project. The choice of methodology depends on three main factors: what is being measured, the resources available, and the budget. Based on these three factors, the UX Designer can assess whether one or more types of UX tests are needed. After doing the testing, he or she can summarize the results in various forms: creating user personas, for example, involves drafting the identity of personas built from data on user habits useful for guiding the design of interfaces.

Thinking aloud
The thinking aloud method involves observing a user in interaction performing predetermined tasks, without any intervening facilitator, describing their actions and feelings aloud.
Remote usability testing
Remote usability testing is performed using software that records the actions the user performs on their device.
Card sorting
Card sorting is used by UX Designs to build information architectures according to the user's perspective.
Expert Review
The expert review involves a single user testing the design, usability, and accessibility of the product.
Second First Impression
The test analyzes a user's first impressions of a product. Users are made to view for 5 seconds and then are given a questionnaire.
Click Testing
Click Testing analyzes people's interaction with the website by observing the user's actions, leaving them free to move around the site and go click where they want, without assigned tasks or specific questions.
Questionnaires are used to collect quantitative data quickly. People answer a series of questions, clear and balanced but most importantly designed and researched for that particular product being analyzed, remotely or in person.
Ethnographic observation
Observation of people's interaction with the object or product in their everyday environment.
The open-ended question interview is an in-progress test that includes follow-up questions where necessary based on "in the moment" assessments and that may arise from previous responses.
A/B Testing
A/B Tests pit 2 different design solutions against 2 groups of users from the same target audience. A-questions are performed on the first group and B-questions are performed on the second; when the test is over, B-questions are performed on the first group and A-questions are performed on the second. Then the results are compared.
Diaries and cultural probes
Journals, paper or digital, that house the narrative of the use of the product-object-service during a set time frame and within their daily life. Cultural probes are objects that are associated with the diary to give more information about the usage experience such as drawings, photos, objects.
Focus group
A facilitator who leads and manages a group of people who are asked questions, the same for everyone at the same time, to bring forth ideas-associations-opinions-reflections on the product under consideration.

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