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Doobiz is Contact Sharing 3.0 It makes it easier and faster to share your details, archive your business network and find professionals around you to connect with real-time.

Unlike printing and carrying paper business cards or spending time to digitally archive the ones you receive, Doobiz is an all-in-one app that helps you be more efficient and sustainable in your business life.

– Phone to phone contact sharing exchange
– Smart and interactive contacts archive
– All informations automatically updated
– Contacts archive accessible on all devices
– Business personalisation for branded details
– Find professionals around you to meet with real-time

Creact ha realizzato:
– Progettazione e sviluppo database e web-services
– Pannello di amministrazione web per gestione da parte del super-admin
– Sviluppo sito web vetrina del progetto
– Sviluppo applicazione iPhone/Android