CTO as a service

Does your idea need technology support and you don't trust outside vendors but don't want an extra partner? Creact is the right ally to develop your digital project and guide you toward the best technology choices to achieve your business goals faster.

We have always supported entrepreneurs who are clear about how technology can be their best ally.
With CTO as a Service, we integrate into your business by becoming your IT department, making your goals our own and aiming to achieve the best possible performance, using the technologies that best suit your project implementation.

What is CTO as a Service?

Creact's CTO as a Service allows you to have a tech mentor who can dispose of the coordinated work of an entire multidisciplinary team.
In this way you will take care of the web development and infrastructure part (AWS Management) but you can ask for suggestions and advice on every aspect of your project, from information architecture to design. This will enable you to produce a complete and competitive final product.
The expert will take care of the development part of the project, helping you with the planning and management of the tech team and providing you with his direct contact via WhatsApp and phone to listen to your new ideas and resolve emergencies and unforeseen issues in a timely manner.


When is it recommended to choose CTO as a Service?

Choosing this mode of service does not make a big difference in terms of cost or development timelines, but it gives you total control over the project and ensures the best possible performance.
Totally outsourcing the tech could save you time since you would not have to take care of anything yourself.
However, this option is risky in most cases: for example, if you do not know at all about the technology that is useful for you to implement your project, it is very likely that the initial savings will turn into a competitive disadvantage later on.
Creact's CTO as a Service allows you to take some of our know-how and apply it to your project, which is why we reserve it only for selected partners.

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