Android Malware Danger

By March 7, 2014 May 31st, 2019 App World
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According to a study done by F-Secure, 97% of the Malware inherent in mobile devices, is available on Android platform, finding completely safe OSs such as IOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry OS.

The forty-page documentation points out that the Android system is the easiest to attack as it enjoys the largest number of unofficial sources, and also because of this circumventing the problem nevertheless becomes very easy.

Analyzing the Malware-Android problem in detail, it should be mentioned that over 75% of the threats come from India and Saudi Arabia, which put in comparison with the major European countries, the percentage of threats is only 15% compared to the other states involved.

However, it should be well highlighted that in major stores, including Google Play, official applications with malicious code account for only 0.1%, a percentage that also highlights Google's work in terms of mobile security.

So even though Android represents a platform with a large number of Malware, the solution to avoid running into such issues is simple: Download official apps!




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