What happens on the web in 60 seconds

By July 28, 2013 March 11th, 2019 Partners
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In our everyday life 60 seconds is something infinitesimal. If we think about our day made up of many commitments but also moments of relaxation, we cannot even notice that 60 seconds have passed.
The Internet connects almost every corner of the planet and, worldwide, thousands/millions of events really happen in 60 seconds.
Analyzing the Internet alone Qmee quantified what happens in 60 seconds in a stunning infographic

Among the things that impressed us most were:

  • 2 million Google searches are conducted
  • 41 thousand new posts, 1.8 million likes and as much as 350 Gb of data are created on Facebook
  • More than 278 thousand tweets are made on Twitter
  • 3,600 new photos are posted on Instagram
  • On Pinterest there are 11 thousand active users
  • 11 thousand professional searches are conducted on LinkedIn
  • 72 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube
  • 571 new websites are created
  • 347 new blogs are created on WordPress
  • 70 new domains are registered
  • as many as 240 million emails are sent
  • cosa-accade-sul-web-in-60-secondi

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