We achieve our goals thanks to the digital world

We are digital natives who have decided not to settle, who overcame their limits and transformed their passion into a job.
We are designers, communicators and developers who share their ideas and expertise in order to support you in the best possible way and to trace together new paths that anticipate the challenges of innovation.
Creact is the space that allows us to best express our talent.


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We are ambitious: we like challenges

We strongly believe that the commitment allows us to reach goals that seem impossible. Healthy ambition is our driving force, what drives us to improve more and more every day.
We deal with every project with the courage and dedication of those who believe in their dreams.

Our job makes us happy

We devote the utmost attention and utmost commitment to everything we do, but always keeping a smile on our lips. We have the strength and competence to be able to face every challenge with joy. We believe in the value of the smile, of the good mood, of the magic of a joke that alleviates tension even in the most difficult situations.

We pay attention to the details

We take care of every detail of every single project: we face every challenge with our heads held high, we strive for excellence by working hard in order to obtain the best possible results. For us, nothing should be left to chance: each piece of the puzzle must match perfectly with the others.

Bolle di sapone

The Creact team

Discover more about our team’s history, ambitions and skills

Luigi Marino CEO di Creact e iOS Senior Developer

Luigi Marino

CEO & Founder

I am an entrepreneur: in addition to being CEO&Founder of Creact, I also founded various start ups.

Having had different experiences helps me to be close to the business world and, at the same time, not too far from the professionals I have chosen to be part of the Creact team. My job is to coordinate them and help them to express their potential in the best way, working every day side by side and encouraging them to share ideas both internally with the staff and with the entrepreneurs who choose Creact as their travel companion.

I started working in the digital field by developing software, and I specialized in the creation of applications designed specifically for the Apple world, of which I have always been a big fan.

The idea of founding Creact comes from the desire to support companies and digital enterprises in the best possible way. I wanted to create a valid alternative to the classic approach adopted by the digital supplier and to the consulting support with a didactic approach.
I trained myself in the best way, in order to acquire all the necessary skills to put all the advantages offered by digital tools at the service of companies.

Today I am a consultant specialized in digital transformation, as well as one of the 40 experts of yourDIGITAL.

Bianca Esposito UI UX Desinger di Creact

Bianca Esposito

Graphic Designer & CO-Founder

I am a Graphic Designer & CO-Founder of Creact, the creative element of the team that takes care of the visual aspect of every project. I contribute to the projects in order for them to be graphically valid, with a good dose of stubbornness: I would be willing to lose a job rather than release digital products that are aesthetically unpleasant or non-functional for the end user.

I started as a graphic designer and I immediately loved collaborating in the design of the applications. Starting from web design, I specialized in online graphics, and I finally came to deal with user experience, the heart of web design.
Studying at the ILAS institute in Naples I was lucky enough to have Nicola Cozzolino as my teacher, who transmitted me the passion and love for this job. I wanted to work in a place that acted as a cradle for ideas, that made intuitions real and encouraged dreams, so I founded Creact together with Luigi.
Each project that is entrusted to us involves the whole team, and we treat him like a child pampered by a large family.

Maria Cristina Cozzolino, Digital Strategist di Creact

Maria Cristina Cozzolino

Digital Strategist

I am a Digital Strategist: my job is to develop strategies for the online promotion of companies and individuals.
I started working in digital agencies as SEO Specialist but curiosity has led me, over time, to become an all-around web marketing consultant.
Having learned the skills that form the basis of the digital world, from HTML coding to web marketing strategies, I applied them by managing resources included in projects at different levels of complexity.

What is the most important quality for a Digital Strategist?

In order to carry out the communicator’s job in the best possible way, it is necessary to always maintain the desire to learn constantly through study, exchange with people of different skills and through direct contact with the reality that is being promoted.

Alesso Prajola

Alessio Pragliola

Full-Stack Developer

For Creact, as Full-Stack Developer, I deal with front-end and back-end development but also with systems that require interdependence between software development and IT operations.
I believe that attending the Faculty of Mathematics has really helped me to acquire the right mindset and the attitude to problem solving which are now fundamental to me when developing complex systems. The project I am most proud of, which is also the one I am most fond of, is a 2-dimensional isometric graphic engine. Thanks to this project I was could approach OpenGL, shader and the implementation of algorithms such as A* in C#.

What is the most important skill for a Full-Stack Developer?

I think curiosity is essential to approach this job with the right spirit. Curiosity is the engine that drives the desire to learn, and to be a professional in this field it is necessary to do it every day.

Mohammed Jebali Backend Developerdi Creact

Mohammed Jebali

Full-Stack Developer

I am a Full-Stack Developer specialized in back-end development, API, and custom Plug-ins and themes for WordPress. I was the project manager for a platform related to a well-known automotive brand. Having worked on this project in the past made me acquire the necessary skills to manage projects at a high level of complexity in my current job.

What is the most important skill for a Full-Stack Developer?

Problem solving is certainly the most important skill for being a Full-Stack developer. In fact, while all programming languages can be learned, only a few manage to master the mindset that is necessary for development.

Antonio Passaro Lead Android Developer

Antonio Passaro

Lead Android Developer

I am a Lead Android Developer: I develop Android applications. I began my job as a developer starting from web design and then getting closer to machine language.
In Creact I am an Android Architect & Developer. My job is to develop robust, testable and maintainable Android apps and to follow their entire life cycle. My skills are not limited to Android mobile development: I worked as a Back-end Engineer, designing systems with “three-tier” architecture, SQL Server database and Magento e-commerce platforms.
For two years I participated, together with the HP developers, in the development of the portal of the Italian High Council of the Judiciary.

What is the most important skill for an Android Developer?

Responsibility, interaction, respect for colleagues and above all an infinite determination. Knowledge, logic and above all field experience are the pillars of this job.

Armando Ruocco IT Architect di Creact

Armando Ruocco

IT Architect

I am an IT Architect and in Creact I deal with Infrastructure Design/Devops and development of software solutions for complex problems. I believe that when it comes to coding and infrastructures, it is always possible to do better, and it is really important for me to create something that I can be proud of.
Studying Kubernetes and its ecosystem is the experience that really made the difference in my career. I have become very passionate about this world and I still have a lot to learn.
When designing the Movery platform I acquired the ability to manage a rapidly growing codebase with changing requirements.

What is the most important skill for an IT Architect?

I am still studying Kubernetes precisely because I believe that the skills we acquire are always to be renewed. The ability to stay up to date, filter sources, learn and reuse information are certainly the essential features for those who choose to undertake my job.

Luis Annese sviluppatore

Luis Annese

Front-end Developer

I am a developer and in Creact I mainly deal with Front-end and Mobile App, I speak Portuguese and Italian.
In Lisbon I worked with fintech companies and thanks to this experience I learned a lot about users who use applications related to the financial field. The most important experience in this area has involved the design, in collaboration with a colleague, of an entire ecosystem consisting of an app and a website which has a wide catchment area and allows the use of online credit cards.

What is the most important skill for a Developer?

I believe that, in addition to programming skills, curiosity and patience are absolutely necessary in order to be a good developer. These are the qualities thanks to which we are inclined to always learn from the customers that we help with our technological knowledge. As far as I am concerned, this is fundamental in order to be focused on the needs of the end user of the application I am working on.

Vincenzo Schipani Android Developer

Vincenzo Schipani

Senior Android Developer

I am a Senior Android Developer who cares about having always up-to-date knowledge. It does not matter what I do not know yet, it matters how I fill that gap in order to achieve the best solution.
I developed mobile apps for customers belonging to the field of mass market retail, and I helped develop mobile projects that brought performance improvements in the development and production processes.

What is the most important skill for a Senior Android Developer?

I believe that, in addition to the passion for this job, it is of fundamental importance to learn the value of interaction. In fact, a continuous exchange of ideas between passionate technicians makes the work dynamic and allows you to develop more effective products. As far as I am concerned, learning how to put your ideas into play is a fundamental quality for an Android Developer.

Adem Hoxha

Adem Hoxha

Front-end Developer

I am a Front-end Developer and I try to offer the user the best possible experience.

I worked for one of the largest banks in the world, inserting the function related to citizen’s income. This experience gave me the opportunity to grow by learning a method of working and managing tasks.

What is the most important skill for a Front-end Developer?

The desire to continuously learn, to try to find a balance between the requests of the owner of a website or an app and the needs of the users, making sure to manage the workflow in the best possible way.

Francesca Content Editor

Francesca Montagni

Content Editor

I am a Content Editor: my job is to develop textual content that is both effective and accurate in all their aspects. To reach this goal, it is necessary to find a balance between creativity and SEO optimization requirements.
I pay attention to every detail thanks to my relentless proofreader eye: experience has taught me that a typo can lurk even in the most unexpected places!

Thanks to my years of experience in the study of languages, I can also write and translate content in English and French, without ever losing sight of the search engine optimization aspect.

I have created content for very different customers, from theatrical and film festivals to e-commerce websites dealing with cosmetics or clothing. I organized a guerrilla marketing action within the context of the Lucca Comics & Games festival for the literary services agency of which I am co-founder.

What is the most important skill for a Content Editor?

I think that the passion for reading plays a fundamental role: reading a large amount of texts of all kinds refines the awareness towards the different communicative registers of your native language, allowing you to master it better. In addition, being a Content Editor requires the reading of a lot of material coming from the most disparate sources and in always different areas. Finally, I think that empathy is the secret weapon that allows you to build content suitable for the target audience.

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Our Partners

The professionals who collaborate with Creact

jacopo paoletti CMO

Jacopo Paoletti

Partner & CMO

Jacopo Paoletti is an entrepreneur expert in Digital Marketing and he is a partner of Creact.
He deals with strategies applied to digital marketing and online sales, as well as with techniques and technologies oriented to web communication. He provides consultancy in the design, management and analysis of web projects and integrated digital marketing campaigns.
He was manager in companies operating in the IT and marketing fields. Today he is Co-Founder & CMO of Userbot (the first Italian startup dealing with Artificial Intelligence), Co-Founder & Advisor of (an e-Italian commerce that deals with big brands), Investor & Non-Executive Board Member of Moovenda (the first national food delivery operator in Italy), as well as advisor in many other Italian startups and SMEs.
He helps individuals and companies in the creation and management of their online identity. Over the years he has curated numerous projects and activities on the Web, dealing with the design and implementation of complex digital strategies and editorial plans coordinated on multiple channels.

Anita Likmeta

Anita Likmeta

Key Account Manager

Since 2017 Anita Likmeta collaborates with Creact as Key Account Manager. She graduated in History and Philosophy at the Sapienza University of Rome, she is a journalist, writer and documentary maker. She currently writes for Huffington Post Italia, and she has collaborated with Il Fatto Quotidiano, Linkiesta, Il Giornale.
She then became passionate about digital communication and specialized in copywriting: she defines herself a Humanist 2.0.
She has participated in TV Talks such as SkyTg24, Nemo and Unomattina on the RAI channels, Bianco e nero Cronache italiane on LA7 channel.
She fluently speaks 6 languages: Italian, Albanian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Francesco Ehrenheim

Francesco Ehrenheim

Digital Marketing Manager

Francesco Ehrenheim has been supporting companies as Digital Marketing Manager for over 5 years. He develops growth strategies by exploiting the potential offered by the digital world. In particular, he helps start-ups to validate their business model and raise funds to accelerate their growth. He is Mentor in training courses for new entrepreneurs that take place in high schools and in important Italian universities.

Paolo De Luca

Brand Manager

Paolo De Luca collaborates with Creact as Brand Manager. For years, he has teamed up with the marketing departments of companies operating in the most diverse fields, going from a fashion accessories company to a multinational company that deals with cybersecurity.
He takes care of and designs the contents to enhance the brands by drawing up their strategic plans, looking for new forms of communication useful for brand positioning. Collaborating with digital companies, he is experimenting with new languages that blend digital and traditional marketing, creating a unique and innovative brand communication. He collaborates and shares professional experiences with national players in the design and creation of communication content.

We are constantly evolving

We are on a path of continuous growth, and in order to reach higher and higher goals, we build connections every day to offer better quality services.
To those who rely on us, we are oriented to offer the best possible service in terms of quality and technique in the work. Today we are also partners of Comunicatica and of the yourDIGITAL group: together we gather some of the best professionals in the Italian digital landscape.


We love to share and mix ideas

Our team is constantly growing: every day we try to improve, train ourselves, expand our knowledge. Each one of us has specific and vertical skills in his field, which are enriched by the continuous interactions with each partner, be it internal or external.

We are pieces of a puzzle that fit together perfectly to create a single design: your project.

Unleash the potential of your business, bring your ideas into Creact.


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