Estimote Beacons, our first impression!

By November 17, 2013 April 17th, 2020 Digital Stories
estimote beacon

When iOS7 was unveiled, the new iBeacon service was welcomed, especially, by those tied to Apple for app development.
iBeacon is Apple's answer for using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on its devices, all embedded within a new feature called precisely by Apple 'iBeacon'.
We have already discussed this always on our blog also presenting a video of the Estimote, an interesting startup that first launched devices on the market that take advantage of this new BLE support.

From the very beginning, Creact decided that it wanted to experiment with this new technology, and in the early days we placed pre-orders for the Estimote Beacons. The waiting list was long and in the meantime, Estimote, given the numerous orders also had to change and speed up the production line of the devices.
Today after a long wait we finally received our first Estimote Beacons.

We are also waiting for similar devices produced by Tod LLC ( an American company ). This will enable us to compare the two products and evaluate which one will meet our needs and especially those of our customers.

The packaging in its simplicity is really well done. Inside there are ( as per the picture ) 3 BLE devices.

The attached technical specifications show that:
- l'outer casing is made of water-resistant silicone although it is recommended not to put the device in the pool...the Bluetooth signal would be completely absorbed

- the device has a 32Bit ARM Cortex CPU with 256kb of flash memory and a 2.4Ghz Bluetooth device. The emitted signal has a range of 70m ( obviously any obstacles present that may cause signal refraction phenomena are to be evaluated ).

- is equipped with a 620mAh lithium battery capable of Guarantee the operation of the device for 2 years.

- on the back is an adhesive called Gecko ( TM ) that can enable the device to be attached to any type of surface without problems of detachment from it.

Now we just have to refer you to the next article dedicated to the first development tests 🙂 Stay tuned!

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