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By November 17, 2013 March 11th, 2019 Partners
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Mailup published an interesting ebook which, taking up one of the latest studies published by Nielsen, charts the state of SMS in Italy.
For many, SMS is dead, but in reality it is an area that still has a lot to say. The numbers say that at least 89% of cell phone owners in Italy send and receive SMS.

The cell phone in Italy

97% of Italians aged 16 and over have a cell phone of these 27% have an essential model while 35% have more than one device. The largest number of smartphone owners are those between 35-64 years old ( 72% ) while the group between 45-64 years old ( 38% ) owns a cell phone with no internet connection.

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As expressed succinctly by the image shown in Italy 89% of people use cell phones to send and receive text messages, send emails ( 51% ) and do activities on social networks ( 47% ), make purchases ( 15% ).

Why to use SMS

According to Nielsen surveys, SMS still emerges as the most engaging medium. Advantages certainly include almost immediate read time and high open rates.

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In Italy, 39% of users agree to receive SMS advertising messages if it means accessing confidential content or geographically relevant information. Of this 39% actually only 22% to date receive advertising in the form of SMS.
Thus, it can be inferred that SMS is still an advertising tool to be taken into consideration especially because of its ability to inspire action immediately.

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