Working with your partner, how to do it the right way?

By February 13, 2021 Digital Stories
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Umberto Saba said, "The best of living lies in work that pleases and in happy love." What better opportunity then than to work with one's better half?

Sometimes it can be an advantage or not! Seeing each other every day, sharing everything, or almost everything, can be very positive, however, one has to know how to manage the relationship as best as possible so as not to run into the wrong dynamics that can harm the work and the couple.

For some working with the partner means spending more time together, getting to know him not only in private life in the family sphere but also in work life.

Others see working with a partner as a limitation, a loss of one's individuality and personal space; the best way is to be "church and state," but how?

There is no secret to how best to manage the relationship when working together, but it is certainly important to communicate, maintain a positive attitude, and respect individual differences.

What rules to abide by to work with the partner successfully?

There are certain principles to be observed, not only in the work environment. First and foremost is the mutual respect: listening to the partner, even if we think we already know them, and respecting roles. Exchanging ideas and advice is equally important, with sincerity and honesty, in a context of complicity and empathy.

So what to do on a daily basis to best manage the relationship? Let's look at some examples.

Creating moments when you are distant

In the couple it is also good to get together and tell each other stories. Spending work hours with the partner also takes away this possibility. Ideally, you should create times to separate from your partner such as spending your lunch break with other people, or taking different routes to and from work.

Separating home and work

We all tend to mix home problems with work problems, even though we know very well how wrong it is! Especially in couples, dividing family problems with professional ones is very important.

Trusting each other

Trust is essential always, not only in couples working together. Trusting each other, in the work environment, means giving space for their decisions and points of view while quietly accepting any disagreements and evaluations.

Organizing teamwork

When there is trust and listening, work can be best organized. Each pair must find its own method: for example, in some cases, different points and stages could be worked on separately on the same idea.

Discussions are opportunities

In any work environment it is possible to incur arguments, so even where you work with your partner, but you have to turn them into opportunities of growth to improve understanding and mediation with each other.

Couple-led businesses seem to be healthier and more productive when leadership is equally shared between the two partners, the secret being a mix of affinity, sharing and complicity. Ever tried working with your other half?

My experience with Bianca

The thing I like about making apps is that through code you can add something to the world that helps solve problems. Since we have become a family, the problems to solve have naturally multiplied.

For someone else it may be burdensome, for me it means that access to a treasure cave full of new ideas has been opened.

To be two is still to share the same dreams and goals (or at least some of them), and to have someone beside me also means having an extra gear.

There is no shortage of difficult moments, but they would still be there, and perhaps with more misunderstandings because of the distance of the worlds in which some couples live when they cross the threshold of their homes.

Without Bianca, my partner and UX-Designer, it would never have been born. Movery. Between us it works like this: she puts soul and a nice dress to my logic and I, maybe some order to her creativity and I think that's how all the best things are born.

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