Apple's next innovations: iWatch and Solar Power Charging

By February 4, 2014 May 31st, 2019 Digital Stories
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Well, yes, it does appear that Apple is finalizing the design of the most high-tech watch ever, with a likely release in the summer of 2014.

When it comes to Apple, it becomes an obligation to use the conditional; we do not know the exact launch date, let alone have images related to it, but something is starting to leak out of Cupertino headquarters.

In fact, according to rumors, with the release of the iWatch, a new application christened Healthbook, a kind of personal health diary, capable of keeping track of calories burned during a workout, acting as a pedometer, displaying heart rates, tracking our daily progress and even providing personalized nutrition based on our results. A true personal trainer!
And it doesn't end there...
apple-iwatch-conceptAccording to New York Times, Apple these days would release the patent for the long-awaited system of solar charging, which is expected to accompany not only the iWatch, but all new devices that will be launched on the market in the near future, thus solving perhaps the one major problem of next-generation smartphones, namely battery life.
We just have to wait then, the Cupertino company and all its fans, "looking forward" to the summer...

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