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By November 22, 2013 March 11th, 2019 Partners
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linkedin university pages

LinkedIn in recent months continues to update, complement, gain ground, and consolidate its leadership as a social Network of professionals. Professionals, including those of the future.

They are not even three months old, but the "University Pages" of LinkedIn are one of the moves that, on a social level, are bearing the most luxuriant fruit. Users like them, and universities especially like them, as there are already nearly 300 of them with their own regular LinkedIn page.

By now on all social job search is becoming workhorse, so LinkedIn has tried to untangle itself with new ideas. The University Pages, within which one can follow updates and information from universities and especially the opinions and comments of users, so far provide a good level of traffic.

These are spaces dedicated to universities, where parents and students can find their information and evaluations from other users. It is the universities themselves that open the page, within which students of today and yesterday, among those who perhaps have achieved prestigious careers, also participate-through education information within the profiles.

With "University Pages" it will be possible:
- Follow news and updates from individual universities
- Have information about universities around the world
- To know which were and which are the students of the university, old and new
Create a network that is new and extends to a different front than the work front, as is already happening on LinkedIn

The interchange of tips between students creates a great dialectic between those who are to matriculate and those who, on the other hand, have attended that university in the past. University Pages are one of those reasons, along with other initiatives, why LinkedIn has raised the minimum age for having an account to 13.
Universities around the world also in Italian: for those who decide to enroll, really an interesting novelty.


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