miCoach and SnapShot, Adidas runs fast!

By February 6, 2014 April 17th, 2020 App World

The German multinational company is undoubtedly the industry that invests more than others in the technology sector, as evidenced by the latest generation of both soccer and training shoes designed with the addition of a micro chip, which with the help of a special app (which can be downloaded for free), is able to track the statistics and progress of each sportsman.


Several soccer players, for example, have enjoyed trying out SnapShot's features and functionality, including Barcelona and Real Madrid champions Lionel Messi and Gareth Bale, who challenged each other by testing their ballistic skills. But let's go in order and see a little more in detail the features of the two apps as described by the iTunes Store and PlayStore...

miCoach: uses GPS and transmits real-time voice coaching instructions directly to your ear to dictate the pace and guide you through easy-to-understand training zones. Choose a training plan suited to your sport and endurance. Record and share your progress in the app or on miCoach.com. Be Faster with miCoach!


-Sync with miCoach.com to save and view detailed analysis of your workouts.

-Measure distance, pace, calories burned and elapsed time.

-Get daily scheduled workouts and coaching comments directly to your phone.

-Modes of indoor and outdoor training.

-Easy access to your music during your workout.

-Records the wear and tear on your shoes through wear alerts.

-Maximum customization of audio alerts.

- Support Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor for real-time training based on tracking your heart rate.

- In addition to the wide range of cardio workout plans already available, the new version offers over 400 exercises to improve strength and flexibility making miCoach one of the most comprehensive training apps available on the market!

SnapShot: is the world's first application that allows you to calculate the speed of your shots with a smartphone.

Record your shot with the help of your friends to find out its speed, angle and distance. You can also apply fantastic visual effects and share your videos on YouTube and Facebook.

When you feel ready, compare your shots with those of the best soccer players in the world - can you kick as powerfully as Gareth Bale or Montolivo?

Challenge your friends on Facebook, compare your scores and achievements, and find out who has the talent and determination to kick like a true champion!


-The world's first app that can calculate the speed of shots with a smartphone

-Registers the speed of approved size 3, 4, and 5 balls (selectable in the Settings menu)

-Real-time video playback and super slowmotion function

-Fantastic special effects inspired by official adidas balls such as Cafusa

-Share videos on YouTube, Facebook and Camera Roll

-Share images on Facebook and Twitter

-Challenge your friends on Facebook by comparing scores and achievements

-Available in 18 languages

These two applications increasingly highlight by now how technology and health/wellness are now traveling on the same wavelength, forming an increasingly inseparable and inseparable pair.

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