Application dedicated to the Phlegraean Fields is born

By August 10, 2014 May 20th, 2019 App World

I Phlegraean Fields are a vast volcanic area located in the northwest area of the province of Naples. term "phlegraean" comes from the Greek word flègo, meaning "I burn," "I burn." There are more than 24 volcanic craters in the area, and it is here that the renowned Solfatara (an ancient volcanic crater still active but in a quiescent state that retains sulfur dioxide fumarole activity).

As of today, it is on the stores Apple e  Android the app that contains all the useful information to consult during a vacation or stay, including: tips on what to visit, where to eat, sleep and have fun.

Specifically, there are the following sections in the application:
- Where to eat: the best places to enjoy typical cuisine
- Where to sleep: the coziest facilities where to spend your stay
- Where to buy: Boutiques, stores, shopping, local products
- Facts and history: all area information, events, attractions
- Visiting: attractions and archaeological sites to visit
- Map: a map of places of interest

The application also works in offline mode and is present in both Italian and English.
Visit the official page supporting the project.

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