WhatsApp news: newsletters are on the way

By April 24, 2023 App World

Additional features are coming soon regarding WhatsApp, the world's most popular instant messaging application. In fact, the new newsletter feature is being tested and will sooner or later appear in a final version. Already for a few weeks the first beta versions have been launched.

Beta version number is the one containing the recent Android distribution that offers some important new features. Newsletters are designed to be a valuable tool for disseminating information and will allow users to be able to easily receive updates from other WhatsApp profiles. The feature has been named Channels, as anticipated by some shots that appeared on the WABetaInfo portal.

Here are the Channels: WhatsApp is ready to launch newsletter feature

By now it is official: WhatsApp is about to roll out its new newsletter feature. Simply put, it will offer the ability to subscribe to a list in which to receive updates and news from the user who opened it, which can also be a company or public administration.

According to the WABetaInfo site, it appears that this feature will be called Channels and from some screenshots shared, it has been revealed what these channels will look like and what the procedures for signing up will be. These sorts of newsletters will straddle the line between classic chat and calls and should be integrated into the "Status".

There will be room in this menu for personal and contact status updates, and at the bottom should appear the channels to which you are subscribed. There will be the Find Channels which will allow you to search for newsletters by creator or topic.

A WhatsApp channel will have specific functions and will act as a private element in which the sensitive data of the subscribing user will not be visible by default (name, phone number...). What is known is that messages within a channel will not be protected by the end-to-end encryption, considering the large number of people who will be able to join the channel.

It is good to say that nothing will change in private messaging, however, and data protection will still remain in place. As with other types of newsletters, users will be able to decide which channels to subscribe to, even if the creators do not belong to personal contacts. So, there will be no automatic subscriptions and no algorithmic suggestions or other sponsorship systems to push users to certain channels.

It is not known when the newsletter feature will be officially released on Android, with the latest beta version being Still in stage of development, the release date for now is an unknown. So all that remains is to wait for further updates.

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