Today is Password Day!

By May 8, 2013 Partners
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Password Day is celebrated today. It is the day when web users, urged by the world's largest online security companies, should change their passwords. Indeed, we know, given the latest hacker attacks on some of the world's largest companies, how online security has become a topic of great importance not only for us end users.
We recall, only in chronological order, the attacks on Sony servers ( where thousands of credit card codes were taken ), attacks on the U.S. government and attacks on the servers of the Italian Carabinieri ( where several documents resulting from investigative actions were stolen ).

McAfee ( with an infographic ) reminds us what gimmicks to use to make life difficult for malicious people who want to get hold of it!


According to studies conducted by McAfee, users ( in most cases ) tend to unify passwords for various services by using only one. It is a good idea to diversify passwords and use alphanumeric passwords ( letters and numbers ) that also include special characters. Online there are several websites including. That help us in the creation of secure passwords

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