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By May 10, 2013 Partners
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As is often the case with new trends today we are hearing more and more about OpenData. But what are they? Let's delve deeper into them on our blog!
In fact, the concept of open data has been a well-established ideology for years, but its diffusion has come about due to a new recent meaning related primarily to the Internet as the preferred channel for data dissemination.
Open-data is a particular type of data that is accessible to all without any patents or other forms of control ( often its use is tied only to the need to cite its source ).
It has at its core an ethos similar to other "open" movements such as open source, open access and open content.

Synthesizing the characteristic elements, we can say:
- open data must be indexed by search engines
- open data should be available in an open, standardized, and computer-readable format to facilitate their consultation and encourage their reuse, including creatively
- open data must be released through free licenses that do not prevent dissemination and reuse by all stakeholders ( source Wikipedia )

In Italy we are beginning to talk ( in a massive way ) about open-data. The PA has gotten the message by making available ( to those who want to exploit this data ) a huge amount of information while also launching initiatives to increase and encourage its use.
One example is the project "App4Mi, Milan's project to promote apps" promoted by the City of Milan and RCS Mediagroup.
Through the use of open data from the City of Milan ( open-data Municipality of Milan ) aims to foster the development of useful and innovative applications capable of improving the services and lives of citizens. This use of open-data thus complements the SmartCity concept by generating useful applications in the daily lives of modern citizens.

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