How much does Apple "cost"? Analysis of the Cupertino company's costs

By November 6, 2013 June 18th, 2019 Partners
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With each release of a new Apple device, there are always those who flippantly decide to do the math for the Cupertino company. Imaginative disputes on the cost of the hardware of each device produced and down to subtraction to calculate how much Apple pockets per device.
Just yesterday I saw an article on Facebook that dealt with this aspect by analyzing the latest iPad Air. I will not bore you with figures but I want to shift the focus to another aspect.

Apple doesn't do charity,is an enterprise and as such produces hardware and software with the intent to make a profit from it. I don't think anyone should be surprised by this but just to dispel this myth I took the trouble to do some research on the net.

I then came across a blog Asymco which analyzes several aspects of the Cupertino-based company from a financial perspective.
So combing through the various articles posted, I came across just the one I was interested in.
"How much does the Apple company cost in a year?" Because it seems obvious to me that in the cost of a device, Apple, has to factor in all the costs of management, support, design and implementation of the devices, the stores and so on.

spese attrezzature apple
This chart also shows Apple's expenditures on the purchase of hardware and software needed for internal use. Obviously, these items do not include costs for components used in manufacturing, but these are equipment that Apple owns.

Among the services Apple offers for free we can point to the new Maps service.
Indiscretions speak of a maintenance expense for Google of $1 billion per year. We could then assume a similarly large maintenance cost for Apple as well.

Finally, let us briefly look at the incidence of services such as Siri, iCloud, and iTunes, which at first glance may seem trivial but actually require considerable economic resources.

spesa costruzione di edifici apple
The graph shows Apple's spending over the years on land acquisition and building construction. Obviously, Apple has increased its HQs to increase the capacity of its data centers and ensure the services we use every day.
It should be noted that these charts do not include the costs of purchasing the equipment and employees that are needed to operate the HQs built.

In conclusion, dwelling on the mere cost of hardware becomes a mere mathematical exercise unto itself, dwelling on the actual costs of a company running an enormity of services is quite another matter.
It would be a bit like saying "Google with Adwords makes a lot of money" 🙂 🙂

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