Instagram is coming to Windows Phone!

By November 23, 2013 March 11th, 2019 Partners
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instagram su windows phone

Announced for months, long awaited, in recent days Instagram has finally landed on the Windows Phone store. Available in Beta version has some shortcomings and the functionality is not yet complete. As stated on the official blog, it is only the first version, work is ongoing and soon the whole thing will be refined, completed.

Indeed, it lacks the ability to take video footage, lacks the ability to tag other users in photos, and lacks the ability to view GPS information paired with shots.
The 'app (downloaded and personally tested) works in the same way as those for iOS or Android, albeit with some aesthetic variations in button layout and page layout.

Key features already in place:
- Custom filters (Rise, Amaro, Nashville etc. etc.).
- Tilt blur effect - linear or radial shift
- Instant sharing with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and so on
- Interaction through likes and comments

The landing of Instagram is great news for Microsoft. This almost sounds like a confirmation that its smartphone operating system is now the third largest force in the market, gaining status as a competitor (albeit a minority one) to the sharing of the mobile pie. The numbers are also comforting, with 500 new apps a day in the store and 10 million downloads every 24 hours.
These are not exactly the stellar numbers of Apple and Google, but they are all on the rise nonetheless.It remains to be seen how they will evolve especially during the upcoming holiday season, which has always been a testing ground for consumer electronics crazes and whims in every category.

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