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By May 1, 2013 Partners
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Today I would like to emphasize the pressing need for those with websites to optimize them for mobile devices. We will demonstrate, what I have just stated, by analyzing data from some of the world's major statistics websites and view the stastics of our website
Nowadays it is unthinkable for a company not to have a website. Starting from the large company up to the small artisan, the web presence has become a necessity both to publicize their business and to increase the catchment area ( and obviously the volume of company business ).
So just as a few years ago the small artisan ( and very often even the large company ) saw no need to build a website so today he considers mobile a marginal "sector."
To dispel this myth ( for which it would be enough just to view the data of smartphone sales in Italy/Europe/World ) we will start from some data collected by Shinistat ( reference year 2012 ).

In this graph we can see the average percentage of access ( from mobile devices ) to the websites ( we are talking about 10% )

In this other one, on the other hand, we can visualize the most used devices ( where iPhone/iPad obviously take the lead )

This is data from a year ago now, and I believe that the situation is, as of today, significantly different.
In fact, viewing our website access statistics, the situation is markedly different


With a percentage of visits coming from mobile exceeding accesses from desktop

In conclusion: let's not fixate on preconceived positions, analyze our website statistics and evaluate ( if not the implementation of an app ) at least theoptimization for mobile devices.

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