Details on SIRI service architecture leaked

By February 1, 2014 May 31st, 2019 Partners
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Siri is the well-known voice assistance service introduced by Apple a few years ago now ( it was introduced with the release of the iPhone 4S ). The system allows the user to ask questions and get an answer from the "digital assistant" that underlies the system.
However, we often do not realize the technology behind these services....apparently simple but actually remarkably complex

Recall that SIRI bases its operation on an online server. The device collects audio information ( i.e., our request to the voice assistant ) and transmits it to a central server. The latter analyzes the request and provides the response to the device.
This allows Apple to integrate ( regardless of the operating system update ) functionality to SIRI.

Obviously, this requires a great deal of computing power....which we report below.

Siri counts of at least one instance per country ( at least 3 in US ).
Each instance consists of at least 4 HP C7000 Servers costing $31,000. Each C7000 contains 8 blade modules of 4 cores ( real "servers" but without disks ).
Through virtualization 1Core/1Server is associated, for a total of 32 virtual machines thus obtaining 32TB of ram per cluster


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