Discovering crowdtesting and its benefits

By August 1, 2023 App World

Nowadays, the digital market is increasingly competitive, and new and tough challenges are on the horizon. Here, then, are companies around the world working hard to launch programs and software at a high frequency in order to beat their rivals to the punch.

The problem, however, is not so much to offer novelties in the shortest possible time, but to ensure solutions of excellent standard and that can offer a high-quality user experience. Therefore, in order to develop products that meet consumers' expectations, we often rely on crowdtesting.

It is a methodology for testing a service/product by involving a sample of people belonging to a specific target audience. In this way, qualified feedback and opinions can be obtained and corrections and changes can be made before the official release.

The remote approach and speed of crowdtesting make this method attractive to companies, but to be truly effective it must be coordinated by a team experienced in user experience. Let's get a better understanding of how crowdtesting works and how it can help companies in developing their software.

What is crowdtesting?

The crowdtesting activity involves a large number of people, known as tester, who use and test a certain product ready for market launch and are in charge of evaluating it as if they were real customers.

Tester groups are controlled communities built to exploit such products in every respect, testing their accessibility, functionality, ease of use, and so on. Larger, more advanced organizations rely on heterogeneous communities To receive suitable results according to the company's requirements.

The various testers are distinguished by master data and by the category of device used, and the ultimate goal is always to have accurate, unbiased, and thorough results.

Thanks to the crowdtesting however, you can count on the fresh eye approach, which allows you to find bugs that those who know the product or have developed it cannot perceive. In addition, this methodology ensures a quick response due to the simultaneous work of several people.

How crowdtesting takes place

But how is a crowdtesting process performed? To do this, a process divided into 5 different steps is generally followed:

  1. Planning: At this preliminary stage, the objective of the work, the specifications of the case, and most importantly, the company that will engage in the crowtesting service are identified. It will therefore be necessary to choose every aspect of the project and anticipate any needs, problems or risks;
  2. Startup: In the crowdtesting startup phase, the different scenarios are set up and the template that will be used to note down results, questions, doubts, and anything else that may be useful is set up. At this time you grant each tester access to the product;
  3. Testing phase: When all the elements have been decided in advance by the crowdtesting company and the testers are informed of the expectations and requirements, testing can officially begin;
  4. Evaluation: is a very important stage, in which tester responses are collected and analyzed. The outcome of the test can come in various formats, including questionnaire responses, reports, suggestions, and more. A competent crowdtesting agency must provide structured and optimized data that are then useful for improving the product;
  5. Re-testing: Once the problems and bugs that emerged from the crowdtest have been resolved, it is essential to go and test the product again. By doing so, you are really sure that the feedback received has been acknowledged.

What benefits come from crowdtesting

In a reality now dominated by software with shorter and shorter life cycles, the testing phase becomes vitally important to give quick and timely responses at every stage of development, from design to rila,scio and up to optimization, according to consumer needs.

It is with this in mind that a methodology such as crowdtesting is particularly valued by companies for a number of very good reasons:

  • Accuracy and speed: Because there are many testers working on the same product at the same time, such a crowdtesting process returns fast and accurate feedback and corrections, saving companies time and money;
  • Diversification and scalability: through the work of thousands of carefully selected testers, crowdtesting ensures a scalable approach that can be applied to services that are different from each other;
  • Large sample of testers: with the contribution of highly trained and numerous tester communities, tests can be conducted on different apps and software at the same time;
  • Cost reduction: Entrusting crowdtesting to specialized agencies reduces expenses by relieving the workload of in-house testers.

What to consider when choosing a crowdtesting service

When deciding to rely on crowdtesting, it is very important to choose the company that will do the work carefully since accurate and effective results should be achieved, saving time and especially money.

Let's look at some tips for identifying the right agency for your needs:

  • Ensure the agency's competence and professionalism: it is good to check the crowdtesting company's experience, so as to contain the risk of errors and unnecessary feedback. At the same time, it is preferable to check their technical competence, even on a practical level;
  • Taking information about previous projects and work: When choosing an agency, it is a good idea to ask about projects that have already been executed, so that you can get a clear idea of the quality of their working method;
  • Read feedback and reviews: the best way to be sure of the company's quality standards are reviews and feedback from other companies that have previously used the testing service.

It is evident how the choice of crowdtesting agency cannot be underestimated at all since a job done poorly would return unusable or damaging results and data.

In conclusion, we can say how crowdtesting is a valuable ally for businesses that need to launch a product, but of course it can never replace the internal testing carried out by the development team. Rather, it will be complementary to the various enterprise software testing activities.

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