Apple shares down, why?

By April 23, 2013 May 31st, 2019 Digital Stories
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Often stock market stocks follow an abnormal trend, to say the least...and that is what is happening to the value of Apple's stock on the stock market.
As we know the stock until a few months ago had reached unthinkable levels by breaking through the $600 wall.
Let us be clear Apple is to date the company with the largest capitalization and an amount of cash on hand of about $600 billion. With this huge amount of money Apple could, for example, buy the whole of Italy and Spain and still keep about 10 billion in cash on hand. Why then does the value of the stock continue to fall?
For the first time after years of continuous growth Apple is experiencing a slight decline in sales, and this is greatly frightening analysts.
Many see this dimunution of sales as the beginning of the end as happened with Motorola and Nokia.
Recall, however, that for the two brands mentioned above, the beginning of the end was caused by poor brand management ( in the first case ) and a wrong ( almost principled ) choice in using Symbian as an operating system in the second.
We therefore anticipate that a slight decrease in sales will still be contained without any problem by the Cupertino-based company and that the forthcoming news ( iWatch? ) may raise the stock price again and give confidence to analysts

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