Brand Awareness: what it is and how to harness its potential

By September 19, 2022 Digital Stories

La brand awareness is the term used in marketing to refer to the degree to which a company, and therefore a product, is recognized by consumers.

Brand awareness is a key step in promotion and is aimed at highlighting its strengths and qualities.

The key to proper brand awareness is to speak to the right target audience, in a specific tone and at the most appropriate time.

Moreover, such brand awareness is no longer tied only to TV commercials or street billboards of the traditional marketing campaigns. Today a whole range of new and impactful tools such as the Web, social networks, and search engines come into the picture.

Brand recognition of a certain brand becomes crucial to achieving greater profits and making the enterprise more and more customer-friendly.

Let's find out together what brand awareness means, how to measure it, and how it can be improved.

What is brand awareness and why is it so important

Brand awareness is nothing more than the assessment of the Level of notoriety and knowledge of a particular brand by consumers. Such value is indispensable for increasing the sense of familiarity toward products, especially those with low involvement.

In fact, according to the expert David Aaker, recent research has shown that even if a certain product has never been bought or used, knowledge of the name alone can still lead customers to choose that brand and not another, due to perceived familiarity.

The higher the brand awareness, the higher the revenue, as a larger number of customers always corresponds to higher revenue.

Thus, one of the main purposes of today's marketing campaigns is to increase brand awareness, so as to define a positive brand image.

In this way, there are more chances that the brand will be included in the consideration set, that is, in the group of brands considered by consumers when they have to make a choice.

Companies that can rely on strong and solid brand awareness are recognized by customers as soon as they see the logo, packaging, or other distinctive element.

Having a product that stands out in the consumer's mind is vital to the economic well-being of the enterprise.

Covid-19 itself accelerated the change in marketing approach, focusing on the emotional aspect, with more attention to social issues and the company's purpose (purpose).

It is no coincidence that we talk about love brand, that is, of brands that are able to create a special and emotional relationship with consumers so that they can no longer do without them.

How brand awareness is measured: the Aaker pyramid and beyond

So, brand awareness is closely related to customer perceptions of the brand. To grasp its value today, reference is made especially to the so-called Aaker's pyramid, conceived by the aforementioned David Aaker.

With this system, the scholar has constructed a classification by which one can pinpoint the exact point at which one's business is located, so as to understand the current situation and how far to go to get to the top of the pyramid.

The pyramid scheme is divided into 4 different stages:

  1. Absence of knowledge: At the base of the pyramid is the total absence of brand awareness. This means that customers have no idea that the brand exists, so all the work of the marketing department is still nonexistent.
  2. Superficial knowledge: In this step, the company comes out of anonymity and starts working to make sure that it is at least superficially known. It is still a preliminary stage and it is too early to talk about increasing brand awareness.
  3. Strong knowledge: by now, society is almost near the top of the pyramid and the degree of knowledge is becoming stronger and more evident. We are at a stage where the brand will already be well present and included among the customer's choices for services of a given type.
  4. Top of Mind: The final step in the pyramid is achieved when a point is reached for which the work done works 100%. The brand is the first that comes to people's minds when they have to repeat a purchase experience. In other words, the level of loyalty is now high.

To figure out where the company fits in the pyramid, there are a lot of very useful tools to get an idea of how well known the brand is and what customers think of it.

This analysis must be done in an absolutely professional manner since one must have an objective assessment from which to derive reliable indications of the work to be done online.

To begin with, you can rely on the Analytics of Google and Insights of Faceboook. Thanks to the different tools you will be able to analyze some Specific KPIs To accurately measure brand awareness:

  • Google search volume
  • Traffic directed to the site
  • Brand mentions
  • Impressions of a marketing companion
  • Engagement on social media
  • Backlinks to the site

In addition, to test a company's brand awareness there are some brand recognition and brand recall tests, which are used to detect people's ability to recognize the brand.

With brand recognition tests, customers are stimulated with slogans, logos, or jingles to see how easily they recognize the brand, and we then talk about aided brand awareness (aided awareness).

In contrast, brand recall tests ask respondents to list which brands they associate with certain categories of items, without hints or clues. In this case we are faced with the unaided brand awareness. The most cited brand will be the one at the top of Aaker's pyramid, as the first absolute choice.

The elements of proper brand awareness

It is clear that to improve brand awareness requires a very thorough operation based on targeted marketing campaigns And well-structured to the smallest details.

Increasing brand awareness will result in an inevitable growth in the amount of work to be performed, but at the same time there will be significant margins in earnings for the company.

Here then, brand awareness cannot be underestimated for any reason. Let's see how you can develop it in a few simple steps.

  • SEO and advertising: Today, a company aiming for brand awareness must take advantage of the use of IT tools, used in synergy with those of traditional marketing. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and digital advertising are obligatory steps now. The first thing to do is. optimize your own web portal to have better search engine rankings and intercept new potential customers. Another element that should not be overlooked is the keywords and content of the sites. Analytics e Semrush prove to be extremely important for accurate SEO.


  • Social media: The company must always be found on social media and have official profiles. This makes it possible to reach the target audience directly, gaining visibility and communication opportunities. Very effective is influencer marketing, that is, social activities that rely on engaging a celebrity testimonial who can test and recommend the product to consumers. Finding the right resources and then monitoring the results achieved leverage conversions and effective brand awareness.


  • Brand values: The brand must be able to convey its values to people in an authentic and transparent way. For example, Lavazza decided to associate the brand with sustainability by making the documentary Coffee Defenders, which highlights the Lavazza Foundation's commitment to sustainable development issues. The result has been more sales on Amazon and a higher consumer affinity for the company's goals. There are other companies such as Patagonia and Lego who have moved toward brand activism, taking direct action and active participation in various social causes. So, it is good to make the brand perceived as a set of values and beliefs that are common to all those who share a certain lifestyle.

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