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Canvaas Business Model

"The business model is the set of organizational and strategic solutions through which the enterprise gains competitive advantage."
In the second meeting with 012Factory we analyzed and understood the importance of a well-structured business model. Although at a still "embryonic" stage, it is necessary to draft a business model in order to be clear about the cornerstones of our business idea.

Even more so at this initial stage of structuring the enterprise business it is useful to receive the first feedback on our idea. Very often,those who think they have had the brilliant idea, close themselves off in their own world either for fear of not being understood or for fear that someone ( smarter ) might steal the idea from them. Feedback from an outside person ( often even more rational and less emotionally involved ) helps us in understanding the right way forward and can avert future failure of the venture.

The "Business Model Canvas" was created Alexander Osterwalder in 2004 and thanks to a community of 470 contributors today it has become a worldwide best-seller translated into 26 languages ( "Creating Business Models" )

In the Business Model Canvas in the form of blocks, the 9 fundamental points of a company are represented.

  • CS (Customers Segment): the target customer of our business idea
  • VP (Value Proposition): the service/product we want to offer to the potential customer of our business
  • Ch (Channels): the distribution channels used to get the product/service to the target customer
  • CR (Customer Relationships): the relationships that are established with customers
  • R$ (Revenue Streams): the revenue generated by our business idea
  • KR (Key Resources): the key resources needed for the company to function
  • KA (Key Activities): the key activities that are needed to make the company's business model work
  • KP (Key Partnerships): the key partners with whom the enterprise is to form alliances
  • C$ (Cost Structure): the structure costs to be incurred by the company.

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